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Welcome on website dedicated to Czechoslovak airmen in the RAF and women in the WAAF.

This website is connected with international travelling exhibition dedicated to 75th anniversary of establishment of most of Czechoslovak squadron in the RAF/commemoration of Czechoslovak RAF and WAAF staff, which exists and is presented in United Kingdom and Czech Republic.

This exhibition Wings in Exile is in United Kingdom again. it will be presented to commemoration of 80th anniversary of Nazi occupation of rest of Czechoslovakia and outbreak of Second World War, 30th anniversary of end of Communist regime in Czechoslovakia a 20th anniversary of our membership in NATO and 15th anniversary of our membership in EU...if you want.

Exhibition Wings in Exile will travel again to locations connected with former Czechoslovak squadrons in the RAF airbases and in our embassy in London. You can see it in HMS Tern (Orkney Islands), Museum of Croydon and RAF base Hendon, first base of Czechoslovak 311 Squadron. Are you interested in this exhibition too? If you would like to visit it, visit this website, if you would like to order it for your venue, write to us - Technical information about exhibition is here.

This exhibition travels again in this year within United Kingom, as commemoration of 80th anniversary of Nazi occupation of rest former Czechoslovakia, outbreak of Second World War, 30th anniversary of end of communist regime in our country, 20th anniversary of Czech membership in NATO. You can see this exhibition online now, more information, which was not possible put on this panels and more not very known information about Czechoslovak airmen will be added as soon as possible. This exhibition contains information about first steps in military career of future RAF airmen, Munich agreement, dangerous escapes from Czechoslovakia and Protectorate Bohemia and Moravia, fights in Poland, France, Middle East and United Kingdom, starvation in Russian concentration camps, nazi persecution of relatives of freedom fighters in exile. You find here information about comeback to liberated country, post war persecution by communist regime in Czechoslovakia and commemoration of our airmen and airwomen today too.

Filip Procházka
Leader and founder of living history group KVH 276th Sqdn (reenacted) RAF, which is author of this exhibition.

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